Emergency care at our Sunnyside hospital

Emergency care at our Sunnyside hospital

We’re open to anyone in the community having a medical emergency around-the-clock, 365 days a year. When you are injured, suddenly become severely ill, or think you might be experiencing a heart attack or stroke, we are here to care for you. 

If you are a Kaiser Permanente member*, have your Kaiser Permanente identification card ready upon arrival. The Sunnyside Emergency Department has a dedicated parking lot and entrance on the east side of the hospital, with a separate entrance for patients arriving by ambulance. An admitting staff member will assist you once you arrive. After registration, a triage nurse will assess the nature and severity of your emergency. 

The Emergency Department at our Sunnyside hospital is staffed by physicians and nurses trained and experienced in emergency medicine and backed by cardiologists and a stroke team. They have additional training to immediately diagnose and quickly treat you for heart attack, sepsis, and stroke, when minutes count. If you arrive by ambulance because of a suspected heart attack, we’ll work to complete your EKG within minutes and move you to the appropriate level of care based on those findings.

In 2010, Sunnyside became one of only about a dozen Oregon hospitals certified as a primary stroke center.

Your care starts here
We have 40 treatment rooms—providing greater privacy and quiet than traditional emergency rooms with only curtain screens between beds. Each treatment room includes bedside computer terminals. This allows your physician to review your medical records and medications.

In addition to our board-certified emergency physicians, hospitalists—physicians who specialize in hospital care—are available around-the-clock to begin the admission process right in the Emergency Department. This creates a seamless transition to inpatient care.

Medical financial assistance
Need financial help to pay your medical bills? Kaiser Permanente has temporary medical financial assistance available to patients who qualify.  Speak to one of our financial counselors if you would like to request medical financial assistance paying all or part of your bill.  They are available near the front lobby from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week (hours are shorter on holidays).

If you’re a Kaiser Permanente member* hospitalized outside our network, please notify us as soon as possible by calling 503-571-4540 or toll free at 1-877-813-5993.


*References to “Kaiser Permanente members” or “members” include individuals covered under either a Kaiser Permanente health plan or an employer self-funded coverage plan administered through Kaiser Permanente.

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